Pianist, percussionist, composer, arranger, producer and musical director of Interactivo. He is one of the most important Cuban musicians today. He has succeeded in bringing together great interpreters in his band, and producing a unique and distinctive sound.


Havana, Plaza Latin Jazz / Jazz Festival of Barcelona, Beautiful City / Jazz Festival of Utah, Salt Lake City / Jazz Festival, Lugo, Spain / Jazz Festival, Stanford / North Beach Jazz Festival, San Francisco / Jazz Festival of Trinidad and Tobago / Istanbul Jazz Festival / Macedonia Jazz Festival, Skopje / Jazz Festival of San Sebastián / Jazz Festival in Vienna / Blues Festival, Ottawa / BarranquiJazz Festival / Jazz Festival, Casa de Teatro, Dominican Republic / Oslo World Music Festival / Jazz Festival in Orléans / Latinoamericando Festival, Milan / Global Cuban Fest, Miami / Luminato Festival, Toronto


“Invitation”, Velas Universal (Roberto Carcassés, 2000)
“Jazz Cuba Today” (2005), with Alexander Brown (trumpet) and Elmer Ferrer (guitar). Winner in the DVD category of Cubadisco 2007 prizes
“Matizar”, Interactivo Record (Roberto Carcassés, 2007); musical producer, arranger, composer and interpreter
“Caminos colores”, Interactivo Record (Roberto Carcassés, 2010)





Musical productions

“Náuseas de fin de siglo”, Santiago Feliú, 1994; musical production, arranger, interpreter
“Futuro inmediato”, Santiago Feliú, 1998; musical production, arranger, interpreter
“Trampas del tiempo”, Pavel and Gema, 1998; musical co-producer, arranger, interpreter
“Sin Julieta”, Santiago Feliú, Unicornio, 2001, musical production, arranger, interpreter
“Yusa”, Yusa, Tummy Music, 2002; arranger, interpreter
“Sentimiento”, Francis del Río, 2003; musical producer, arranger, interpreter
“Cool Cool Filin”, 2003; musical producer, composer, arranger, interpreter
“Breath”, Yusa, 2004; musical co-producer, arranger, interpreter
“Viento y tiempo”, Kelvis Ochoa, 2004; musical co-producer, arranger, interpreter
“A Diario”, Telmary Díaz, 2005; co-producer, composer, interpreter, arranger
“La isla milagrosa”, William Vivanco, 2006; co-producer, arranger, interpreter
“Techari”, Ojos de brujo, 2007; arranger, interpreter
“Bembé doble”, Bobby Carcassés, Colibrí, 2009; musical direction, interpreter
“Ay la vida”, Santiago Feliú, Colibrí, 2009; musical producer, interpreter
“La luz es música”, Tanmy López, Ojalá, 2011


Santiago Feliú, Bobby Carcassés, José Luis Quintana (Changuito), Steve Coleman, Chucho Valdés, Harper Simon, Mshelle Ndegeocello, David Murray, orchestration and arrangements for the National
Symphony Orchestra in concert with Santiago Feliú, Pavel and Gema, Kelvis Ochoa, Descemer Bueno, Habana Abierta, Ojos de Brujo, Omara
Portuondo, Silvio Rodriguez, Raúl Paz and Javier Ruibal

Music for films

“Violeta”, Dir. Alberto Cortés, Mexico, 1997
“Música cubana”, Dir. German Krall, Germany, 2004
“Chivichana”, Dir. Ulises Toirac, ICRT, Cuba, 2006
“Bretton es un bebé”, ICAIC , Dir. Arturo Soto, Cuba, 2008
“H. Upmann” commercial spot, ICAIC, Dir. Arturo Soto, Cuba, 2008
“En el cuerpo equivocado”, ICAIC, Dir. Marilyn Solaya, Cuba, 2010


Robertico plays the piano with an impressive mixture of styles that flow through his hands; he awakens an overflowing happiness. He is very Cuban, very traditional, very modern and very classic. He leads everything to an overwhelming fusion, similar to a river out of control, but harmonious, focused, interactive. All of us who were there had a smile and moved our heads comfortably. The fusion that runs through his hands has been defined by the critics over and over again: a list of classic and modern rhythms and styles of all times and all corners of Africa, Europe and America, but when you watch him playing live definitions disappear and we fly to nameless sound spaces. Only happiness is defined. By: El Arte D Luis Eligio Omni

Robertico has collaborated in films like “Cuarteto de La Habana”, by Fernando Colombo (Spain, 1999) and “Las noches de Constantinopla”, by Orlando Rojas (Cuba, 2000). He directs the musical phenomenon Interactivo, with which he has given Cuban contemporary music a new dimension for the world. The presentation of this brilliant artist impacted the public in the temple; his style of playing piano is excellent; the rhythm, passion and dedication he put into each one of the songs he played, that fusion he produces with several music genres is interesting. It is impressive to listen to the distinctive sonority of his creations with this kind of music, and seeing artists dedicated to their work. The public remained speechless, amazed and enjoying Cuban music. He has the gift of moving creatively from one genre to another. Listening to Cuban music in Robertico’s distinctive jazz style is fasci nating. By: Fátima Uvalle Makabrown


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